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Why You Should Get A Home Inspection

A home inspection is one of the crucial steps in the successful purchase of a home. It can feellike an unnecessary expenditure and costs are high throughout the homebuying process,intensifying...

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The Cost of Routine Home Maintenance

As a homeowner, you are no stranger to writing big checks and the last thing you want is to be caught with empty pockets when routine home maintenance comes up....

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The Mammoth Inspection’s Guide to First-Time Home Buyers

1. Money Makes the World Go Round The homebuying process is centered around YOU, what you want and are ready to afford. Sobefore you start shopping around for your perfect...

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Home Inspection: Buying a Flipped or Renovated Home

Buying a property is often an exciting step in a person’s life and many previous or prospectivehomeowners will look to renovated homes as a potential avenue for exploration. Remodeledhomes remove...

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